Dan, received my order and am very, very pleased. These decoys are the neatest thing!! I have been crow hunting on and off for the past 60 years....mostly on now since duck hunting around here is not what it used to be. A neighbor, who was a champion crow and duck caller and world class shotgunner got me started back in the mid-50's. Been addicted every since. I am hunting this afternoon....no pecans this years so crows are scattered....so my normal kill numbers is down substantially. Season closes the last of February so I have to get really busy. Take care....thanks....and I will pass the word I assure you.


Protect your arrows and display them at the same time without having to remove broadheads!

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Goodcrow decoys

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A dozen lightweight, compact silhouette decoys that can be deployed in a number of ways - these decoys bring 'em in!

Hangtime Outdoor Products is an Ohio enterprise making cool, handy, economical products for hunters and fishermen.

Arrow holders

"The Ohio Outdoors" is a great place to share stories and read about all things hunting and fishing related, especially whitetail deer hunting.  Wanna learn about deer hunting but don't have an uncle to teach you?  Here's your resource...

If you practice in the backyard and use a Block or similar type target, and practice with your broadheads, this thing is a must.

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About hangtime

Welcom to Hangtime Outdoor Products!  Thank you for visiting.  As an outdoorsman, I love hunting and outdoor gear.  The two products I've developed here were born out of necessity - I made them myself to fill a need I had at the time, and decided that other hunters might like 'em too.  I hope you are as excited as me about them and want to give them a try. 

I'm confident you'll be happy with your purchase - so confident I offer this guarantee - if you aren't pleased with your purchase and would like to return it, notify me within two weeks of delivery, and I'll refund your purchase price in full.  Just mail the item back to me and we'll get you taken care of - but I doubt you'll want to part with either of these items.

Here are some points to think about as you browse the site and check out the products:

  • Do you own a Foxpro or other electronic caller?  You need these decoys!
  • Crow hunting - it's like shooting trap, without paying for the birds...
  • Be a friend to the farmer - kill some egg-robbin', corn seedling poaching crows!
  • Nest robbing crows do devastating damage to waterfowl populations.  Save a duck - blast a crow!
  • It's your DUTY as a responsible American and Outdoorsman to kill some crows!  (OK...I might be stretching it a bit there...)
  • You've spent big $$$ on arrows - a Hangtime Arrow Rack can help you protect and display your investment!
  • Don't let your fletching get boogered up!
  • Organize your arrows, and check your inventory at a glance.
  • Some women like bad boys, but most women like straight arrows - and women really like a man with a Hangtime Arrow Rack!