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 About Us

Hangtime Outdoor Products LLC was established to bring effective, economical outdoor gear and information to my fellow sportsmen.  The products listed for sale here were born of necessity - items I made for myself, then decided that others might find them as valuable as I do. 

It began when I purchased a Foxpro Spitfire electronic caller to try some coyote hunting.  One of the preprogrammed calls was "Crow Fight", and while experimenting with my new toy I found that it did a great job of calling the birds in, but to get 'em close, decoys were needed.  When I went to shop for decoys, I was dismayed to find that a single decoy cost around $6 - putting out a decent spread could run into some real money, real quick!  So I learned from some other hunters that they used various homemade silhouette decoys, but they sounded like a lot of work to construct.  I put my plastic industry experience to work and came up with the GoodCrow Decoys you see listed here.  When I made a few sets and they took off on Ebay, I decided to start my own website.

The original Hangtime Arrow Rack was born in my garage one Sunday afternoon, when the fletching on some arrows I had stored in a cardboard tube got crunched.  I decided I needed a rack, so I took some scrap plastic I had and drilled some holes in it and bent it into what you see here.  It was a year later that I made the front-row modification that allowed the storage of arrows with broadheads.  Then one afternoon, after my GoodCrow Decoy sales were in full swing on Ebay, I realized that there might even be more of my sporting brothers and sisters who would be interested in my arrow holders.

The products for sale here are made in Ohio by myself and my wife Julie.  The various components used for these products are all made in US factories - the metal stakes are from North Carolina, the plastic sheet produced in Indiana, Texas, and Pennsylvania.  These are truly "Made in the USA" products.

Watch our site for new products in the future - I've got some ideas cookin' that aren't quite ready yet.