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GoodCrow Decoys

The picture you see here is my buddy Joe with his spread of GoodCrow decoys.  He's smiling because he's holding a couple of crows he bagged in a few minutes during a short evening hunt. 

Using a weed stalk as the stake to put the bird on ------->

Flat silhouette decoys with stakes

Decoys deployed in my front yard.

Put yourself in the hunt with these inexpensive, lightweight, compact, and (most importantly) effective decoys!

These lifesize 5.50" x 16.25" Crow decoys are made of durable, rugged black corrugated poly material that won't tear or fall apart (a vast improvement on cardboard or plastic film decoys).  They include a sturdy 9gauge knurled metal wire groundstake, and a .125" diameter hole for optional hanging.  A stack of 12 decoys is only 1.87" thick and weighs only 1.3# (with stakes). (Note:  these are flat silhouette decoys, not 3D.)

After buying an electronic gamecaller, I became interested in trying crow hunting.  I was very discouraged when I found that the cheapest decoys I could find were about $6 for a single decoy!  If you wanted to put out a dozen or more, you could spend some serious money real quick!  And on top of that, the traditional decoys are very bulky.  So some friends shared with me how they made their own, and I decided to improve on their homemade birds and take it one step further.

As you'll see in the pictures on the homepage and background, these birds can be placed in a variety of ground positions.  They can be hung in trees.  They can be attached to small limbs with clothespins or clips (not provided).  They can also be attached to limbs or larger field weeds by breaking a green branch or stalk about 1/8" thick and running up into the bird's corrugation.

We have had a number of customers who are not hunters but use the birds as decorations, particularly around Halloween.  One young lady wanted a set as decorations for her father's 50th birthday party!  (Nice kid, huh?)

If you get your GoodCrow Decoys and they are NOT what you see in the pics or what you think you'll like, you can notify me within 7 days of taking receipt and I'll accept your return and refund your money (buyer is responsible for return shipping).  But I don't think you'll be sending them back!

Effective and economical - try GoodCrow Decoys!  Because...a GoodCrow...is a dead crow!